w00tage meaning and definition

w00tage meaning

An exclamation of joy, derived from w00t; or something containing a high level of w00t.

w00tage meaning

(n.) A measure of the net output of w00t from a given body. One can find through simple mathematics that the w00t into a person at any given time is equal to the w00t out of that person. This is why w00tage should be reciprocated.

w00tage meaning

1.) The subject you are talking about has many w00t characteristics. 2.)w00t flows in the subject. 3.)When expressed towards something, as in the example, it applies the power of w00t to it.

w00tage meaning

comes from w00t... and way to express your joy for something or another. feeling excited.

w00tage meaning

teh -age form of w00t! Used by 1337 h4x0rz to describe things they like.

w00tage meaning

A 1337 word describing joy or happiness

w00tage meaning

synonym for the phrase *w00t w00t*

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w00tageness meaning

Supreme w00tage, often used in extremly happy events such as winning a contest or a much hated person dying.

w00tah meaning

an exclamatory word simalar to "hurray." Also the most kick-ass web-site in the history.

w00tahgee meaning

w00tahgees are a bunch of ninja-indians who kill everything

w00talcious meaning

My fucking word...take it and I will kill you.

w00talicious meaning

Being fabulous and worthy of w00t-ing at.

w00t alors meaning

It's mashup of woot and the french word zut alors.Zut alors: Damn alotw00t alors: YAY alot

W00t and Cheese meaning

1. a magic phrase that makes impossible things work, like abrakadabra. 2. an expression of joy; huzzah

w00tang meaning

n. A being of greatness; Pimp

W00tapapolis meaning

A place where people go where they are faced with extream excitement of somthing that has happened.

w00tastic meaning

Something that is so awesome that a normal "w00t" can't contain it's awesome w00tness.