w00talcious meaning and definition

w00talcious meaning

My fucking word...take it and I will kill you.

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w00talicious meaning

Being fabulous and worthy of w00t-ing at.

w00t alors meaning

It's mashup of woot and the french word zut alors.Zut alors: Damn alotw00t alors: YAY alot

W00t and Cheese meaning

1. a magic phrase that makes impossible things work, like abrakadabra. 2. an expression of joy; huzzah

w00tang meaning

n. A being of greatness; Pimp

W00tapapolis meaning

A place where people go where they are faced with extream excitement of somthing that has happened.

w00tastic meaning

Something that is so awesome that a normal "w00t" can't contain it's awesome w00tness.

w00tation meaning

the action of throwing a bottle cap at a fish and then it immediately exploding and killing everybody in a 20 foot radius

w00t b33r meaning

intense feeling, most common in men, when one see a friend with the precious golden liquid

w00t beer meaning

what you drink after you own another team

w00tcake meaning

An expression of extreme joy and excitement.. because! w00t = something very cool cake = tastey