w00tness meaning and definition

w00tness meaning

A state of maximum happiness. Like when you feel like shouting "w00t!" so loud, that the whole world can hear you.

w00tness meaning

An explosion of mirth. Levels of intense excitement. A sesquepedalian amount of joy and laughter.

w00tness meaning

Interjection. A word Jennifer Yeisley of Scranton PA commonly uses when she agrees with something or when something goes her way. Its her word and only she is know for. She is the only person who sounds naturally cute while saying it.

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w00tnesspie meaning

w00tnesspie AKA wootnesspie is a word made up by §£Blade It is mainly used to show great thanks or great happiness. Great than w00t and w00tness. Used In gaming.

w00t-off meaning

Stems from the classic internet w00t. n. One who w00ts excessively, almost orgasmically. "You're such a w00t-off, shut up." v. To command someone to go away because of their obnoixiously happy/hyperactive nature.

w00t_osirisfx meaning

A kingdom of loathing player. He is so bad he's good! Once known as Osirisfx his account was given away and w00t_osirisfx was the next account made. The name w00t_osirisfx is much cooler.

w00tpies meaning

Related to w00t , represents extreme happiness when winning a game online or through instant messenger

w00tpwn meaning

see woot! see pwn put them together