w00tpies meaning and definition

w00tpies meaning

Related to w00t , represents extreme happiness when winning a game online or through instant messenger

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w00tpwn meaning

see woot! see pwn put them together

w00t pwned meaning

w00t pwned: an expression used when a person has been pwned infront of an audience or a few people. Usually humiliating

w00tsauce meaning

a feeling to descibe a very wet feeling in the pants

w00tstock meaning

The nerd/geek version of woodstock, this latest one attended by Adam Savage, Hank Green, Wil Wheaton, MC Frontalot, The Presidents of the USA, and others.

w00tular meaning

interjection: A combination between w00t and tubular. The utmost of cool. syn: wootular

w00tville meaning

A place where all is good and perfect. Everyone is overjoyed with their existance. See also utopia nirvana

w00t w00t meaning

An expression of celebration or happiness

w00t w00ters meaning

A variation on w00t, particularly when the w00ting is very intense and you are WINNARing in everything.

w00tworthy meaning

to be deserving of props

w00tx0r meaning

something people use as an alternitive to w00t on a rare occasion