w00tzorz meaning and definition

w00tzorz meaning

used when something is really cool.

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w00w00 meaning

The world's largest non-profit security research group. To preserve the closeness of the group, it is an invite only group. A participant will invite another person in, and by inviting them, they are "vouching" that they trust that person with anything discussed and feel that person can contribute to the team.

w00x meaning

a stereo system developed my philips.

w056 meaning

Used to describe anything that exists in the entire universe.

w09t meaning

The new w00t. Get with the trend stuff you idiot!

w0b meaning

Fantastic, near on perfect. Understanding and funny, a real catch.

w0die meaning

when fellow inmates wanna know your cell block # so they can get a date to prison movie nights.

w0l meaning

Means Way Of Life like gaming.

w0lfy meaning

poor white boy

w0nd meaning

A lesson in ownage, not that pussy shit like /pwnt, or pwned, or 0wned, but true ownage, hence, w0nd.

w0ne meaning

One of the best sites around Crazy chainsaw chainsaw wielding admin