w0rd meaning and definition

w0rd meaning

A reply to a statement made by another, expressing enthusiasm or agreement.

w0rd meaning

A multi functional term which can be used to ask a question, state agreement, show praise, or express understanding.

w0rd meaning

This is used as a synonym for "agreed", "for sure", "sure", "fo shizzle". The '0' in "w0rd" adds spice to it. The '0' also makes it look more like internet lingo. Like: 1337 leet.

w0rd meaning

Silence, nil words

w0rd meaning

word is an awesome way to acknowledge a phrase, biase or action.

w0rd meaning

This is a form of the well-known slang expression that can only be used by dairy contructs that have developed a state of sentiency and omnipotence. If you use this form and you are not of the above dictated state of being, I will personally come to your house and clean out your throat with a handful of gravel and glass shards glued to a tree branch.

w0rd meaning

Only dairy constructs that have achieved a state of sentiency may use this form of the well-known slang expression. If you use it and you are not of the above state of being, I'll personally come to your house and clean out your blasphemous throat with a handful of gravel and glass shards glued to a tree branch.

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w0rd n shit meaning

when someone is agreeing with what someone else is saying. Also could be used in the beginning of a sentence if the person talking is excited because they know what they are talking about.

w0rd to the bird meaning

Agreed. Absolutely. Sure.

w0rdx meaning

affirmative, understood, similar to 10-4, roger, gotcha Background: web slang, derivation of word

w0rsel meaning

mikey is an 0wnz0r hax0r at cs, bf1942, wc3, ft, mohaa, kaneda, choda

w0rt meaning

A word invented by Zuka The Warthog Ninja meaning the same thing as w00t and woot. It stems from the Elitian word wort, meaning "Go". Primarily used in the same context as w00t or woot.

w0t meaning

A shorter version of the 1337 word "w00t". Also what happens when you're still up at 3:30 in the morning and your typing skills have gone to hell.

w0t0 meaning

Originally a typo that became popular due to it's humorous appearance in chat windows. The intended word was "w00t" w00t is elite speak (or "l33t") meaning "hurray! or "congratulations!" etc. In some organizations w0t0 is used as a greeting.

w0t0t meaning

The grammatically correct version of w00t. Stands for We Owned The Other Team. Note the addition of the "The", adding one more syllable to the word, therefore giving the term more depth, significance, and symbolism.

w0tt meaning

1. An exclamation of joy. 2. 50 times cooler than the term "w00t" Syn: w00t, yay, woo hoo, r0Xx0rz Ant: dag, d'oh, NOOO!

w0t tha f0x meaning

sinner/fiend speak for what the fuck, used to express deep feelings of discontent and/or confusion