w1cked meaning and definition

w1cked meaning

Someone that is really noob in a e-sport game.

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W1K meaning

The short url for worth 1000 (the best website ever).

W1ld meaning

An description for a extreme e-rager. Often ragers at other people in games because he can. Usually uses phrases and internet memes to get his points across. Subject usually acts the complete opposite in real life. Uses the internet as a way to take his virginity out on everyone.Also known to be virgins in real life even way after the age of constent.

W1N1 meaning

Also known as "whore flu".This flu commonly given from "that girl" who wanders the club or bar looking for late night weenie from any guy that's dumb enough to agree to it and hasn't already been vaccinated. There is currently no known cure for W1N1 once it has been contracted. Prevention is key to stay away from this horrible virus.Symptoms include: extreme cough, sore throat, fever, congestion, and a massive amount of shame the next day.Home remedies include: staying away from dirty whores. Do not be tempted to return late night calls or texts. Get lots of rest and avoid heckling from your friends.W1N1 can be contracted from guys as well but appears to be the most concentrated in women.

W1nf meaning

W1nF is a online name made by Chris Robert. He is known for making: -Youtube Anime Music Videos. -Player of online FPS games such as Battlefield 1942, BF2, and Counterstrike Source He started making AMV's in 2005, and but started using the nickname WINF at first as an online name. He still uses it today(W1nf, WinF, and WInF) WINF started off by meaning W.I.N.F, which stands for "Work Is Not Fun" then changed over time to suggestions with "Why I'm not working", or "Why Im Nastillally Farting" or "Why Im Nading Fruits", friends and fans give there own meaning. He is famous for his amv's for Basshunter and Daft Punk, with some rare, and unique remixed songs. He has an myspace artist account for downloadable remixes and recent updates. Find him by typing W1nF on youtube or myspace.

w1ng2cutie4u meaning

The screename of BHS hero and father of Peter Liu, Wing Liu One of the biggest pimps alive to date, w1ng2cutie4u is an idol to many.

w1x0r meaning

Really weird in a sad sort of way.

w1zard meaning

A Legend...Like Robin Hood But Involving Guinness And A-Team And Stealing Beer Tropheys

W-2 meaning

Another name for the wisconsin wonder.

w202 meaning

A sick model mercedes driven by those with incredible taste in automobile. Generally the car of choice for your everyday backrow thug.

W208 meaning

Mercedes-Benz W208 2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG cabrioletThe Mercedes-Benz W208 coupes and convertibles were produced from 1998 to 2002. They were sold under the CLK-Class model names. The W208 models were the CLK 200 4-cylinder, CLK230 4-cylinder, CLK 320 V6, CLK 430 V8 and CLK 55 AMG. All models were available in both coupe and cabriolet form. The CLK introduced a new market niche for Mercedes-Benz. Although the W208 used components from the E-Class and had a specification level higher than the E-Class, it was in fact based on the C-Class platform. The CLK features a number of innovative accessories and systems, such as tow-away protection and an emergency transmission mode. The W208 was succeeded by the W209, also called the CLK. W208 CLK55 AMG Details Engine: V8 Valvetrain: SOHC 3 Valves / Cyl Displacement: 5439 cc / 331.9 cu in Bore: 97 mm / 3.82 in Stroke: 92 mm / 3.62 in Compression: 10.5:1 Power: 258.8 kW / 347 bhp (259 kW) @ 5500 rpm Hp Per Litre: 63.8 bhp per litre Bhp/Weight: 1 bhp (1 kW) per 9.9 lb Torque: 510 nm / 376.2 ft·lbf @ 3000 rpm Redline: 6000 Drive Wheels: Front Engine Front Brakes: Vented Discs w/ABS & Power Assist Front Brake Size: 335 mm/13.2 in Rear Brakes: Vented Discs w/ABS & Power Assist Rear Brake Size: 300 mm/11.8 in Front Wheels: F 43.2 x 17.8 cm / 17.0 x 7.0 in (ET 37) Rear Wheels: R 43.2 x 21.6 cm / 17.0 x 8.5 in (ET 34) Front Tire Size: 225/45ZR17 (Can go to 235 on these Rims) Rear Tire Size: 245/40ZR17 (Can go to 255 on these Rims) Steering: Recirculating Ball w/Power Assist Curb Weight: 3,444 lb Wheelbase: 2690 mm / 105.9 in Front Track: 1506 mm / 59.3 in Rear Track: 1488 mm / 58.6 in Length: 4567 mm / 179.8 in Width: 1722 mm / 67.8 in Height: 1371 mm / 54.0 in Transmission: 5-Speed Auto Speed Shift Gear Ratios: 3.59:1, 2.19:1, 1.41:1, 1.00:1, 0.83:1 Final Drive: 2.82:1 Top Speed: 250 km/h / 155.3 mph (ECU Limited) 0-60 mph: 4.89 seconds ¼ Mile: 13.48@106.3 600 Foot Slalom: 62.9 60-0 Braking: 112 feet (34 m) Drag: 0.31 EPA City/Hwy: 17 / 24 mpg W208 CLK55 Summary Engine- The CLK AMG is powered by a hand-assembled 5.5-liter V8 engine. The hardware list reads like that of a race car: super-stiff forged billet steel crankshaft, forged, weight-matched connecting rods and pistons, lightweight AMG-specific camshafts churns inside the pressure-cast aluminum block of this chain-driven single overhead-cam V8 with two intake and one exhaust valves per cylinder, as well as 16 coils and 16 spark plugs (two spark plugs per cy). Its bore and stroke are nearly the same, which makes it an ideally balanced engine. The complex dual-resonance intake manifold with carefully tuned runners helps create an explosive compression ratio of 10.5:1 which is is mostly what delivers the healthy 342 horsepower (255 kW) and 376 ft·lbf (510 N·m) of torque. Transmission- The five-speed automatic transmission is adapted from the gearbox used in the V-12 S-class models, because that gearbox can take the torque. It is fully adaptive and electronically-controlled, and is a stronger unit than that of the CLK430. Also a larger four-bolt driveshaft that's four inches in diameter connects to a reinforced rear differential to keep all the extra power under control. Standard traction control keeps wheelspin to a minimum, while its Electronic Stability Program (ESP) keeps the CLK on its intended path. Handling- The standard CLK chassis is used, and while the current version is not based on the new C-Class platform, the AMG version of the CLK offers some special undercarriage components. The four-wheel independent suspension is basically the same as the lesser CLK versions, but AMG fits higher-rated springs, tighter shock valving, larger diameter anti-roll bars and stiffer suspension bushings. The resulting firmer, more controlled ride is made even tighter by its high-performance ZR-rated low-profile tires. The brakes have been enhanced as well. The huge four-wheel discs are larger and thicker than the other CLKs, and the rear discs are specially vented to enhance cooling. An anti-lock braking system is standard, while Brake Assist applies full braking force in panic stop faster than a driver could. It rides on AMG Monoblock alloy wheels, 7.5" front and 8.5" rear, shod with 225/45ZR17 and 245/40ZR17 Michelin Pilots.