W22 Club meaning and definition

W22 Club meaning

W22 Club is one of Runescape's well known clan-chats. The community is the W22 Skillers Club - a general skilling club. With W22 Club being their primary clan-chat. They're based out of world 22 in Runescape. The group was founded by Rune Scape96, now known as Shilo Rune96, he has sense taken breaks from playing and given authority to other's who maintain the club well. Some of the popular slogans consisted of "Club Xmas" and "Clubbin." Often times club members state their location by saying "I'm clubbin at club monks. :P"

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W22er meaning

A fag that usually hangs out in world 22, 3 category's for someone to fall under the name of a 'w22er', 1. Someone that usually hangs out in 'w22 club' and has all the same friends which all have the same friends, 2. The Slayer and Fishing nerds (Quite a few of these), 3. Those kids you see running around in those dragon med helms, granite platebodys, dragon platelegs, combat bracelet, and obsidian cape.

w2b meaning

Way To Be

w2bai meaning

this means 'want to be an item' so good for you if you got this sent to you!

w2 baller meaning

A person who flaunts money during the months of February through April and mooches off of others for the rest of the year.

w2c meaning

Where to cop. Used on fashion forums to ask "where can I purchase this item".

w2d meaning

An acronym for"Want to Dirty Sanchez?"; Primarily used in text messages and online.

w2dm meaning

An acronym for "way to ditch me".Also seen in "wtdm" form.

W2E meaning

Means "Word to everything". They are trying to say they are being truthful.

w2f meaning

Acronym used in chatting, texting, t-shirt captions and other terse forms of communication.4 possible meanings:a.) Want to F#ck b.) Wet Wild (w2) and Fast c.) Way too Far d.) Way to Fail ____

w2fg meaning

way to fuckin go w = way 2 = go f - fuckin g = go