w2fg meaning and definition

w2fg meaning

way to fuckin go w = way 2 = go f - fuckin g = go

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w2g meaning

Way To Go. Sometimes used in sarcasm.

w2ggw meaning

Went to go get water. Used in Instant Messaging. (esp. AIM, MSN, Yahoo, IW)

w2gh meaning

Want to get high shorthand for texting

W2H4T meaning

Way too high for this.

W2K meaning

Short for Windows 2000.

W2M meaning

Word to Mother- A form of agreeance or acknowledgment, usually used in chat rooms or text messages.Abbreviated- W2M

w2mor meaning

The dead weight people you find in large companies. It is exemplified by a tumor and the inability to create your own work, thus needing to be a W2 tax structured employee.

w2p meaning

Want to play

w2tf meaning

Welcome to the Family in online lingo

w2w meaning

wall-to-wall conversations on facebook