w2gh meaning and definition

w2gh meaning

Want to get high shorthand for texting

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W2H4T meaning

Way too high for this.

W2K meaning

Short for Windows 2000.

W2M meaning

Word to Mother- A form of agreeance or acknowledgment, usually used in chat rooms or text messages.Abbreviated- W2M

w2mor meaning

The dead weight people you find in large companies. It is exemplified by a tumor and the inability to create your own work, thus needing to be a W2 tax structured employee.

w2p meaning

Want to play

w2tf meaning

Welcome to the Family in online lingo

w2w meaning

wall-to-wall conversations on facebook

w2wc meaning

Wall to wall counseling. Giving someone a physical counseling ... ie, a beating. Also referred to as a "come to Jesus meeting".Common Navy expression a while back.

W2WR meaning

Wall-to-Wall RatioN. On popular social-networking website Facebook, the proportion of posts between two users/"friends." The ideal ratio is 1:1. If one side of the ratio is greater, said user may be labeled "creeper" or simply "not actually friends."

w³ meaning

www, as used by the internet cool crowd.