w2wc meaning and definition

w2wc meaning

Wall to wall counseling. Giving someone a physical counseling ... ie, a beating. Also referred to as a "come to Jesus meeting".Common Navy expression a while back.

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W2WR meaning

Wall-to-Wall RatioN. On popular social-networking website Facebook, the proportion of posts between two users/"friends." The ideal ratio is 1:1. If one side of the ratio is greater, said user may be labeled "creeper" or simply "not actually friends."

w³ meaning

www, as used by the internet cool crowd.

W3 meaning

another word used for warcraft 3 so that you dont look like a nerd in public

W-30 meaning

n. High Performance option package on Oldsmobile 442s from 1966 through 1972. Included OAI (Outside Air Induction) in the form of either under-bumper intakes (1966-1969) or hood scoops (1970-1972). Also included a more aggressive camshafts and an aluminum intake manifold. The 1966 W-30 was only avalable with the L-69 package, which consisted of three 2-bbl carburetors instead of the standard single 4-bbl. Limited production, almost exclusivly used for stock-class drag racing.

w33d meaning

1337 5|*34|< (leet speak) for weed.

w33dz meaning

this person usually kicks ass, is a pothead, and makes everyone laugh.

w33n meaning

Similar to weiner, weenus, but with 3s, like p33n's brother.

w33t meaning

Derivative of w00t. An expression of joy or excitement. In plan english, weet.

w33tabix meaning

geek all around, needs some help