w33t meaning and definition

w33t meaning

Tired of foolish words like l33t and w00t? Ever find yourself wanting to purge netspeak from the earth like the plague that it is? Never fear, legendary wordsmith Eric is here with the cure. "w33t." Simply bombard any offending netspeakers with phrases involving w33t, such as "I'm whole w33t, yo.". With enough repetition, they will develop a severe allergy to any wheat-based foods and spontaneously combust the next time they eat a sandwich. You will have rid the world of another insipid netspeaker.

w33t meaning

Derivative of w00t. An expression of joy or excitement. In plan english, weet.

w33t meaning

Hybrid of w00t and sweet, created from way too much excitement and typing too fast.

w33t meaning

A variation on the word "w00t". Cross between that and "sweet".

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w33tabix meaning

geek all around, needs some help

w34k meaning

Derogatary term for one who goes to bed before the hour of 3am.

w3b meaning

some one who eats there own cum or sucks at life

w3c meaning

Without W3C there would be no Internet. Possibly the greatest people on Earth. They have saved millions many hour sof having to jack off to imaginery porn in their heads. Also invented HTML, the basis of all internet code.

w3ezy meaning

the #1 stunna

w3irdal meaning

One of the sexiest people in the world! Also known to idle alot and make be uterly useless. Also, is hard to understand at times, but can make your day!

w3n meaning

1337, or d00d 5p33k for "win", spelled "wen" to purposely sound like a retard. Incorrect grammar must be used in a sentance using "w3n".

w3n0rz meaning

a stupid 1337 way of saying "weniers"

w3nis meaning

A l33t son of a gun. He pwns noobs on his spare time. he has uber micro

w3rd meaning

A gamer response for agreeing. :D