w3c meaning and definition

w3c meaning

Without W3C there would be no Internet. Possibly the greatest people on Earth. They have saved millions many hour sof having to jack off to imaginery porn in their heads. Also invented HTML, the basis of all internet code.

w3c meaning

a consortium of organizations, programmers, developers, industry executives, and users that seeks to guide the future development of the World Wide Web and ensure that all Web technologies are compatible with one another.

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w3ezy meaning

the #1 stunna

w3irdal meaning

One of the sexiest people in the world! Also known to idle alot and make be uterly useless. Also, is hard to understand at times, but can make your day!

w3n meaning

1337, or d00d 5p33k for "win", spelled "wen" to purposely sound like a retard. Incorrect grammar must be used in a sentance using "w3n".

w3n0rz meaning

a stupid 1337 way of saying "weniers"

w3nis meaning

A l33t son of a gun. He pwns noobs on his spare time. he has uber micro

w3rd meaning

A gamer response for agreeing. :D

w3rfd meaning

IRC slang for "word," as in "word to your mother." It originally started in EFNet's #nin, where substituting 3 for e ("w3rd") had become popular leet-speak parlance. At some point, someone slipped up and hit the f key (note its close proximity to the "r" key), and it caught on. It has since propogated throughout the IRC community.

w3rk meaning

The place you go in order to save up money to buy the sword that you plan to use to kill your boss.

w3schools meaning

a site created by webdevelopers whose only purpose is to misinform other webdevelopers in order to keep their job

w3w7 meaning

Same as "w00t". Just typed differently.