w3rd meaning and definition

w3rd meaning

One of the many ways to spell the word that sounds like 'word'. There are many different meanings and each meaning has a different spelling. The word w3rd refers to the 'that was dope' side of the meaning. When someone does something cool one would reply with 'w3rd'. Similar words would be 'werd', 'whurd', 'wird', 'ward', 'whard', etc. There are many different words, and they all have specific meanings.

w3rd meaning

like word, only more 1337

w3rd meaning

its means to agree with some one

w3rd meaning

word-sweet,very cool, right on, thats sounds good,ok

w3rd meaning

Used by gamers to indicate agreement. A substitute for "word," it can be typed with only the left hand, leaving the right to remain on the mouse.

w3rd meaning

A gamer response for agreeing. :D

w3rd meaning

Synonym of "werd"

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w3rfd meaning

IRC slang for "word," as in "word to your mother." It originally started in EFNet's #nin, where substituting 3 for e ("w3rd") had become popular leet-speak parlance. At some point, someone slipped up and hit the f key (note its close proximity to the "r" key), and it caught on. It has since propogated throughout the IRC community.

w3rk meaning

The place you go in order to save up money to buy the sword that you plan to use to kill your boss.

w3schools meaning

a site created by webdevelopers whose only purpose is to misinform other webdevelopers in order to keep their job

w3w7 meaning

Same as "w00t". Just typed differently.

w3wt meaning

An expression of joy and excitement. See w00t for further clarification.

W40k meaning

The tabletop game developed by Games Workshop in which players compete with miniature armies set in the 41st millenium. Players build up their armies from plastic boxed sets and make lists based on points value (ie a bunch of crappy guys or a few kick-butt ones). Many unique types of units exist in each race of beings, and there are 9 unique races to chose from, each with their own flavor. The game features the ability to either shoot apart the army from a distance or close in for some visceral close combat. The universe is rather dark, where humanity worships one man called the Emperor. Other beliefs means heresy, another word for 'Death Sentence'.

W4L meaning

What's for lunch?

w4m meaning

w4m= "Woman/Women for Men/Man" section of Personal ads. I'll let someone else bother to post defs for m4w, m4m, w4w, and some other more 'alt' categories... but it's pretty obvious which categories those abbrev. label.

w4nk meaning

An elite and unique brotherhood of geeks that have uber-skills in all possible situations in daily life.

w4nk3r meaning

Wanker, tosser, dickhead etc