w4r meaning and definition

w4r meaning

the most fucking gay "e-gang" that has happened. oderint dem metuant my ass. wee > w4r

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w4r10ck meaning

w4r10ck na linguagem da internet sigunifica uma guerra interna em um determinado servidor,A palavra w4r10ck esta em binario e pode tambem figuinificar bloqueio de guerra.w4r10ck=warlock w4r= guerra+10ck=bloqueio Bloqueio de guerra

w4r3z meaning

Warez/Pirated software said in "leet" text.

w4t meaning

woman for transsexual/transvestite/transgender

W4tch My Hit meaning

No lifing, wannabe ranger. W4tch My Hit is a noob that thinks he owns Majwinterse but sadly does not. Also he gains range wwwaaaaaaayyyy too fast.

w4w meaning

Acronym meaning 'Woman for Woman.' Used as shorthand in personal ads online or in newspapers.

W5 meaning

Who, What, Where, When and Why. Similar to asking the "411" or detailed information about an event.

W5H meaning

Acronym for "Who What Where When Why How". This definition appears very rarely and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: * Slang/chat, popular culture

W5TF meaning

What, Why, Where, Who, When The Fuck

w6 meaning

An abbreviation/symbol of respect for the six firemen that died on Dec. 3, 1999 in Worcester, Ma.

W7 meaning

Short for Windows 7, the shockingly original name given to Microsoft's latest operating system.