w4w meaning and definition

w4w meaning

Whore for Whore It's usually a cheap way to gain popularity in myspace. People whore themselves to other people and they sort of do a trade-off in a way. If that person helps whore the other person, they'll get more friends out of it.

w4w meaning

Whore for whore. Another myspace term for crazy friend collecting myspace whores. You make a whore code. Which is basically, your picture, and a stupid self proclamation of why you're cooler than the rest of the world. You then exchange codes with someone who posts equally obnoxious bulletins every four seconds. You post each others codes in a bulletin so that people on the other person's friend list will hopefully add you.

w4w meaning

synonym for "i am a complete tosser. please delete me from your friends."

w4w meaning

A term commonly used on myspace thats short hand for "whore for whore" A person can create a "whore code" using their friend id, which usually displays a picture of themselves/reasons to add them/a link for adding them etc. Users swap whore codes which are usually located in a box on the persons profile. They then post a myspace bulletin with the whore code as the content of the bulletin. Users then may or may not click the link inside the bulletin and add the person. whoring is sometimes used as a reward for a user doing another user a favor over myspace. Whore code bulletins usually have subjects complimenting the user such as "ADD this cute boy+++++" w4w is also commonly called "s4s" which stand for skank for skank or support for support.

w4w meaning

it means women for women lesbian

w4w meaning

Acronym meaning 'Woman for Woman.' Used as shorthand in personal ads online or in newspapers.

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W5 meaning

Who, What, Where, When and Why. Similar to asking the "411" or detailed information about an event.

W5H meaning

Acronym for "Who What Where When Why How". This definition appears very rarely and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: * Slang/chat, popular culture

W5TF meaning

What, Why, Where, Who, When The Fuck

w6 meaning

An abbreviation/symbol of respect for the six firemen that died on Dec. 3, 1999 in Worcester, Ma.

W7 meaning

Short for Windows 7, the shockingly original name given to Microsoft's latest operating system.

W77 meaning

A notorious clan on the popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) Runescape, whose activities involve solely to dominate a Boss known as 'Bandos'.Originating from W77 they spread like a disease to other worlds/servers to 'crash' (cause so much damage to the boss that only W77 can get the items after the boss dies).This destroys an innocent persons fun/enjoyment as it can take up to an hour to find a free/empty server and forces them to leave as they cannot compete with the large clan 'crashing' them.Runescape is owned by Jagex Ltd.

W77 Crashers meaning

A Clan in the game Runescape, that try to dominate the GWD, even though they fail miserably and nearly always embarress themselves. They nearly always try to make it look like they won a war, even though they havn't

W7F meaning

Synonym for WTF meaning What The Fuck. Commonly used in web forums that use moderation and language filters. The 7 used in W7F is the 1337/LEET (Computer geeks use of numbers instead of words) way of to use the letter T. Therefor bypassing WFT/*** content filters with W7F.

w8 meaning

W8 is an abbreviation of Windows 8.

W800i meaning

The greatest mp3 phone ever made by Sony Erricson!