W8B4UH8 meaning and definition

W8B4UH8 meaning

W8B4UH8 - Wait before you hate.

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w8eva meaning

An internet term meaning 'whatever'. This clever shortening of the word relieves the author of having to type the letters 'h', 'a' and 't'. This saves time so the author may continue in various important exploits.

w8ing meaning

Waiting for something

W8NC meaning

Wait and See Was the name of 1970/80s European Jazz Funk/Fusion band. Many of the band's songs had titles which used the acronym W8NC

w8ng4u meaning

Short internet form of: Waiting for You.

w9 meaning

netspeak for whine or wine. similar to w8 (wait). Possibly originated as a typo.

w99t meaning

The facetious version of "w00t", which has been combined with "rolling one's eyes" (99) . "Yippee. Hoo-ray."

wa meaning

To use oranges for sexual pleasure. More tame version of Za as oranges are less zingy (see 'Za')

WA2000 meaning

The WA2000 is a semi-auto sniper rifle used by the West German Armed Forces. This sniper rifle has been in action since 1982, and has been used by German Police forces and Military forces. It has also been used in the infamous game Modern Warfare 2 as Infinity Ward's 'official Russian sniper rifle'.

WA2K meaning

A sucky COD player probably asian or black who uses the WA 2000 as there primary choice for sniping.

wa6ashiwa meaning

wa6ashiwa is originally the Japanese word "Watashiwa" which means "i am" but switched the "T" with "6" , also pronounced in a little weird way. probably generated by some geeks while playing online games and trying to joke with players from Japan.