waaa meaning and definition

waaa meaning

A greeting homies give to each other in New Orleans. Like wha up! Usual a excited greeting or just happy! If ya don't like you don't have to use it!!

waaa meaning

A term used to define a subtle action, occurance, situation, or thing in daily life that someone notices or mentally grasps, which others don't, or can't; usually due to their lack of imagination. Which means that the person is not a conformist and has a richly unique personality, and imagination. Therefore waaa is something that someone has to work at, to be able to mentally grasp. waaa could be many things, occurances, situations; as long as someone who officially gets(meaning understands) waaa recognizes it as so. If someone doesn't get waaa, it may seem like a really difficult concept to understand. People who get waaa are bretheren of each other, and should rspect each other for being so unique. waaa is a noun.(thing)

waaa meaning

A combination of 'What?!' and 'Hahaha'. Used to exclaim absolute disbelief in someone else's actions.

waaa meaning

A term mocking someone who is complaining about something, no matter how major or minor the issue is.

waaa meaning

common in badly dubbed martial arts movie. used in social settings initially at the greeting but also during commercial breaks at awkward silences to rescue the group from random foug facts

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Waaaa meaning

1.A sound made instead of "wh" or "wa". When you have lived in indonesia for like 5 years of your life and your family live in scotland and you live in high wycombe. 2.The sound baby's make when they cry.

waaaaa meaning

a sound made by the creatures known as "chavs" when something is not right.

waaaaaaaa meaning

An onomatopoeia of the sound that young children make when they cry. Of course, the number of "a"s range, from 2 to infinity. Why this habit of "waaaaaaaa"ing fades over time is because as we mature, us humans understand that crying loudly in public is embarrassing, and thus we avoid doing so.

Waaaaaaaaa meaning

When you send a textmessage to a friend and he is too busy to write a serious answer because he's moving to a new flat.

waaaaaaaazup meaning

A poor substitute for saying “hi” used by white middle-class kids to show that they can sound cool. Made popular by a poorly made comedy film in the early 2000’s and a series of equally embarrassing advertising campaigns by major fast food company.

Waaaaaaahm meaning

Punishment for fecicious behavior or consistent complaining or to be really annoying.

waaaaaah meaning

A Ghetto way to say Hello or Was up

waaaaaambulance meaning

Term used when someone is bitching too much and you are just sick and tired of hearing their nonsense.

WAAAAAAW meaning

A sarcastic interjection that expresses disapointment in a peer.(note to be said in a high pitch voice to allow greater effect)

WAAAAAGH meaning

The sound that Dick Cheney makes after nearly every sentence. Say it how Jon Steward says it.