waaaaaaaazup meaning and definition

waaaaaaaazup meaning

waaaaaaaazup is a punk/white boy greeting. your actually not supposed answer, just say it back. it can be used as a question, but with only one a.

waaaaaaaazup meaning

A poor substitute for saying “hi” used by white middle-class kids to show that they can sound cool. Made popular by a poorly made comedy film in the early 2000’s and a series of equally embarrassing advertising campaigns by major fast food company.

waaaaaaaazup meaning

Moronic, idiot, repeating word all day long on vhf radio fishing channel.

waaaaaaaazup meaning

What is up with you

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Waaaaaaahm meaning

Punishment for fecicious behavior or consistent complaining or to be really annoying.

waaaaaah meaning

A Ghetto way to say Hello or Was up

waaaaaambulance meaning

Term used when someone is bitching too much and you are just sick and tired of hearing their nonsense.

WAAAAAAW meaning

A sarcastic interjection that expresses disapointment in a peer.(note to be said in a high pitch voice to allow greater effect)

WAAAAAGH meaning

The sound that Dick Cheney makes after nearly every sentence. Say it how Jon Steward says it.

waaaaahhhhh meaning

A word/sound used to express great satisfaction with something. Can also be used as a greeting.

Waaaaaw meaning

A combination of a highly audible and visible reaction. Waaaaaw is pronounced in a monotone-sounding and prolonged manner. The person's face will also stretch dramatically when doing so. The Waaaaaw reaction usually stems from embarassment,corniness, cheesiness, disbelief, or amazement.

waaaaay meaning

Pronounced "weigh" - originated in the Cruise Line industry amongst cruise staff members as a greeting/farewell, As in "Anchor's Aweigh". Also used as a punctuation mark at the end of a statement. Usually found after a punchline.Greeting similar to wassup

waaaah meaning

The sound a republican makes every time they lose an election

waaaaheeyeeey meaning

The sound Super Mario makes after successfully completing a triple-jump.