waaaah meaning and definition

waaaah meaning

The sound a republican makes every time they lose an election

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waaaaheeyeeey meaning

The sound Super Mario makes after successfully completing a triple-jump.

waaaaht meaning

an exagerated form of the word "what?" also used when in a state of disbelief.

waaaambulance meaning

A slang term to descirbe someone who has been whining and bitching so much they need an ambulance

waaaamp meaning

a technique mastered to excite someone under the influence of a controlled substance.it is to be said at random while the speaker throws his hand towards the face of the intoxicated person(s). if done correctly the intoxicated person should react in a humorous manner.

waaaap meaning

"Waaaap" is the noise that Reindeer make

Waaaart meaning

Somebody that is a idiot , stupid , daft etc

waaaa waaaa meaning

when an ignorant spoiled child cries because they didn't get what they wanted.

waaaay meaning

a positive response to something

WÄÄÄH meaning

Another word for Cunt.

Waaahhh meaning

A derogative term used to "mug" someone off.