waaaaht meaning and definition

waaaaht meaning

an exagerated form of the word "what?" also used when in a state of disbelief.

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waaaambulance meaning

A slang term to descirbe someone who has been whining and bitching so much they need an ambulance

waaaamp meaning

a technique mastered to excite someone under the influence of a controlled substance.it is to be said at random while the speaker throws his hand towards the face of the intoxicated person(s). if done correctly the intoxicated person should react in a humorous manner.

waaaap meaning

"Waaaap" is the noise that Reindeer make

Waaaart meaning

Somebody that is a idiot , stupid , daft etc

waaaa waaaa meaning

when an ignorant spoiled child cries because they didn't get what they wanted.

waaaay meaning

a positive response to something

WÄÄÄH meaning

Another word for Cunt.

Waaahhh meaning

A derogative term used to "mug" someone off.

Waaah-nikin meaning

That whiny little bitch from Star Wars episode II-III (discounting that ugly kid from ep. I) played by the fantastically wooden Hayden Christensen, who can actually act, but since George Lucas can't direct an actor (nor anything else) to save his life this is what mutated from that rule of thumb.

Waaaiiido meaning

A form of greeting, hello,hi