x00t meaning and definition

x00t meaning

Variation of "w00t", probably originated in Battle.net around 2003 October. First seen in use by Lucia_Leagrove, a Starcraft player on Battle.net

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x00w meaning

the cosmic opposite of w00x i.e. the ultimate suck

x0ax0ax0ax0a0 meaning

xa0xa0x0ax0a is the greek way of hahahahaha used usually for online Chatters and etc...

X0G meaning

Internet faggot that lies and says he needs money to pay for hosting.

x0nkers meaning

A l33t Linux nerd. Most likely spending time developing software, hacking high-profile networks, or raping people on MMORPGs.

x0nz0red meaning

x0nz0red is pronounced "yon-zor-d". It is an alternate version of the word "pwnt" which is derived from a scientific calculates code for standard deviation which is "xon". To be x0nz0red is similiar to being "pwnt". (See pwnt) The best way to deliver a x0nz0ricon is to use German language such as "Ich bien x0nz0red" roughly translated "I have been x0nz0red". A common phrase to use is "Looks like youuuuuuuuuuuuu just got XONZOR3D." when something happens to another person, no matter how trivial it may seem.