x0ax0ax0ax0a0 meaning and definition

x0ax0ax0ax0a0 meaning

xa0xa0x0ax0a is the greek way of hahahahaha used usually for online Chatters and etc...

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X0G meaning

Internet faggot that lies and says he needs money to pay for hosting.

x0nkers meaning

A l33t Linux nerd. Most likely spending time developing software, hacking high-profile networks, or raping people on MMORPGs.

x0nz0red meaning

x0nz0red is pronounced "yon-zor-d". It is an alternate version of the word "pwnt" which is derived from a scientific calculates code for standard deviation which is "xon". To be x0nz0red is similiar to being "pwnt". (See pwnt) The best way to deliver a x0nz0ricon is to use German language such as "Ich bien x0nz0red" roughly translated "I have been x0nz0red". A common phrase to use is "Looks like youuuuuuuuuuuuu just got XONZOR3D." when something happens to another person, no matter how trivial it may seem.

x0r meaning

A substitution for the suffix "-ck". eg, hax0r, fux0r, chix0r, sux0r. When using the x0r construct, the "-er" suffix becomes superfluous. Hence, "hacker" does not become hax0rer; rather, the terminal -er is dropped.

x0r3d meaning

(pronounced zord) 1. Completely and totally owned or dominated 2. Made to look like a complete nub 3. see zored