X0G meaning and definition

X0G meaning

Formally a great hacker. X0G used to own a website called losercheats, which he was a total idiot/n00b and didnt even know how to get to his documents! then one day he somehow gathered all the knowledge he could together and became great and a legend. X0G's biggest goal was owning every MySpace band profile by exploiting the embed tag when a band had it blocked. X0G was the owner of the popular site called l0sers, it was a good success but had to be shutdown, it was then sold to the person "Ranthom" who is carrying it on today, but the legend of X0G still remains... Owner - November 04 - August 06

X0G meaning

X0G is what is known as a 1337 h4x0r. He has pwnd many websites in his day. X0G began his career back in the days when he thought mycoke was cool. He started cheating, and got in with the wrong crowd. He became a hacker, and has hacked many things. One of his more recent hax is when he directed many band's myspace's to his small hacker community's website, then known as losercheats.net . He now is setting up ways to make money from n00bs and continues to pwn many websites today.

X0G meaning

Internet faggot that lies and says he needs money to pay for hosting.

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x0nkers meaning

A l33t Linux nerd. Most likely spending time developing software, hacking high-profile networks, or raping people on MMORPGs.

x0nz0red meaning

x0nz0red is pronounced "yon-zor-d". It is an alternate version of the word "pwnt" which is derived from a scientific calculates code for standard deviation which is "xon". To be x0nz0red is similiar to being "pwnt". (See pwnt) The best way to deliver a x0nz0ricon is to use German language such as "Ich bien x0nz0red" roughly translated "I have been x0nz0red". A common phrase to use is "Looks like youuuuuuuuuuuuu just got XONZOR3D." when something happens to another person, no matter how trivial it may seem.

x0r meaning

A substitution for the suffix "-ck". eg, hax0r, fux0r, chix0r, sux0r. When using the x0r construct, the "-er" suffix becomes superfluous. Hence, "hacker" does not become hax0rer; rather, the terminal -er is dropped.

x0r3d meaning

(pronounced zord) 1. Completely and totally owned or dominated 2. Made to look like a complete nub 3. see zored

x0rcist meaning

a ub3r-1337 tfcer who hates NS and is super sexy