x4 meaning and definition

x4 meaning


x4 meaning

A radio transmission in Counter-Strike, meaning: Get in position and wait for my go, but said in normal life

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x413Kx meaning

A homeless, xbox playing faggot, who has absolutely no friends, nor life. He pleasures himself whilst playing the game, and will ejaculate as soon as he calls in UAV. He uses very many UAV's, which contributes to his very short ejaculation time. He uses his sniper rifle as a device to pleasure himself in the anus. 413k represents the 413,000 people who have questioned his sexual orientation.

x420n meaning

x420n is slang for when you get weed and sesh at "the pit" (420 at suaves) while listening to fucking brutalz x3n compilation of submission bass dropz, shrillin vokillerz and progressive guitarlolz.

X44 meaning

To be classed as a homosexual as the X44 goes around the houses => Burnley to Manchester via Hong Kong and the Great Wall Of China.

X4ah meaning

What the subtitles on my TV think a smooching sound is.

X5 meaning

The BMW X5. An off-road version of the 5-series BMW released in 1999. It is an almost flawless car, and can smoke most, if not all, others in its class. There are no inherent flaws, faulty parts, common complaints. It comes highly recommended by all owners. One of the best BMW's ever.