Xabora meaning and definition

Xabora meaning

1: A heavy forum user. 2: A heavy forum spammer. 3: A person who seems completely insane or random on a forum post. 4: A Website's Domain address. 5: Google Xabora 6: The Moogle Manic

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Xabria meaning

Usually a bitch who is bratty and has to get her way. She has many friends but most of them hate her. So many people want to fight an Xabria but she's completely unaware and she always tries to be their friend. She's a crowd pleaser, she's not a leader she's a follower. She doesn't have a "best friend" because she's too stuck up and selfish to keep one. She wants to stay away from drama, yet she puts herself in it, and she is a plate full of it. You don't want to be friends with an Xabria, unless you want to live in misery all your life.

Xabungle meaning

An anime from the early 80's that was the replacement for the first Mobile Suit Gundam series. This anime however is known very little. The same creator was the father of the Gundam series and Aura Battler Dunbine.

X abusers meaning

People that add a 'X' at the end of every single freeken sentence, comment, thought or post.This is even more annoying when they use an x at the end of every sentence during a conversation.Why do this? It is not your trademark. You are an idiot. And everyone is laughing at you.

Xach meaning

Xach is the harbinger of pure evil. Being sinister and callous, xach is often used to describe deeds of unspeakable nature or the foreboding sense that something truly terrible is going to happen.

Xachary meaning

A name that combines many meanings and definitions to conclude to a strong baby boy's name.