xactly meaning and definition

xactly meaning

It means exactly.. without the e! A far cooler way of saying it. When speaking it aloud, it's pronounced "zack-lee"

xactly meaning

When your breath smells exactly like your butt.

xactly meaning

A condition in which your mouth tastes exactly the same as an asshole.

xactly meaning

Take the egg out---the lazy, slang, text version of exactly.Can be used as a term of agreement, exasperation, sarcasm plus other things I don't care to type.

xactly meaning

Basically, it's means the same as "exactly", but it's actually way more expressive. Leave out the 'E' and suddenly it sounds more powerful!

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x-acto meaning

exactly; you're right

X-acto blade meaning

A small blade that is used for crafts... or cutting yourself.

xacto-knife meaning

A pencil-like object with a razor at the end. It provides exact cuts for projects and what not.

Xad meaning

The state of being too cool for rad.

xade meaning

Xade is a french adjective for ultimate perfection. It is used to talk about semi-god or very beautiful men.