xakk meaning and definition

xakk meaning

A male model for art, figure and sculpture groups/classes.

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Xakquevenuvaire meaning

1.) To utterly dominate (preferably at a game of scrabble) 2.) a bald duck wearing a Christmas sweater living in Champlin MN 3.) a form of slightly molded Spanish cheese sitting in the sun 4.) a type of white, sliced bread 5.) a traditional professional Spanish cheese chef who is also a prostitute.

Xal meaning

Pussy,punk, or whiney bitch.

Xala meaning

Girl who is needing someone special in there life,and the special someone is having alot of troubles in his life but does not show it.

Xalaxing meaning

Xalaxing= taking Xanax in order to totally relax; really relaxing because of taking Xanax.

Xaldbar meaning

A yaoi coupling of Xaldin and Xigbar, from kingdom Hearts 2. Many fangirls seem prefer the, Xigdem, or the Xaldlord pairings. Theyhave many simalarities, like: pointed ears; Long, black hair; andmany others. Xaldbar is in fact, one of my favorite yaoi Xigbar couples.