Y2J meaning and definition

Y2J meaning

Chris Jericho.

Y2J meaning

the best wresler in the wwe company

Y2J meaning

You Just Jealous

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Y2k meaning

It was when the Spam company and the people that sold generators got a big pile of revenue.

Y2K10 meaning

Year 2010Y=Year 2=2times k=kilo which is 1000 10=10 (i copied the y2k part from somewhere else but the 10 is mine)Year 2*1000 and 10 which makes 2010

Y2K12 meaning

like Y2K Y2K12 Refers to the end of the world Y=Year 2K12=2012 The world shall end in 2012

Y2K9 meaning

The day all 30GB Zunes ceased to function. 'Microsoft is just squeezing in under the wire to claim the rights to “weirdest tech story of the year.”Last night at approximately 2 AM, every 30GB Zune model on the planet crashed... The Zunes reset, powered up, then froze on the loading bar screen, and no conventional method of resetting them appears to work. This is brought to you courtesy of Microsoft, who has been selling a video game console with a nearly 100% fail rate for three years. The Zune situation is all the more disastrous however seeing as all of them failed at the exact same moment, which people have taken to calling 2K9.'

y2k bug meaning

"Year 2000 Bug" 1) A software bug caused by the use of 2-digit numbers to represent the 20th century year. When the date became 2000, some software thought it was actually 1900 (or some other incorrect date). 2) A bunch of bullcrap made up by paranoid doom-saying wackos and the computer-ignorant media.