Yaa meaning and definition

Yaa meaning

A gay day way to say yes. Often sounding like a billy goat when saying it.

Yaa meaning

An absolutely fucking stupid way of writing the word "yes". Length can vary between "yaas" and "yaaaaasssss", depending on how much of a prick the person saying it is. Just spell it correctly, you cunt.

Yaa meaning

An expression of utter and consummate excitement. It is more powerful than other generic expressions, such as "hooray" or "yay".

Yaa meaning

Abbreviation for Yet Another Account Syndrome; when some crappy little website requires you to make an account to do anything instead of implementing OpenAuth.

Yaa meaning

YAA - Yet another asshole

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yaaaaa meaning

another thing to yell as you come from outta nowhere. Similar to outta nowhere!!!

Yaaaaaaaa meaning

An annoying way to accept something or say yes.

YAAAAAAS meaning

word that occurs when you can't express how you feel about someone or something, usually followed by admiring that someone or something and being super excited also

yaaaaaasssss meaning

Something that really fucking annoying people say to annoy others, usually said when the room is super quite and the person yells, "YAAAAAAAASSSSS" no....go die.

Yaaaaah meaning

Yah is officially the coolest way to say, yes. It can also be used in other ways such as anger and excitement. It is pronounced yaaaw. Screaming it is also appropriate to show exciment, as if riding a horse.

Yaaaaaowww meaning

Saying yea and ow at the same time.

yaaaas meaning

to Agree with or give props

YAAABOI meaning

Abbreviation for You Are All A Bunch Of Idiots. Pronounced "yah-boy". Direct response to YOLO and other such retarded internet abbreviations.

Yaaashole meaning

someone who says "yaaas" too muchDid you hear about Derek? No.. Oh.. He's about to dieofbetes.