Yaardar meaning and definition

Yaardar meaning

A yaar radar. Refers to a brown person's senses of detecting when another brown person is around.

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yaardy meaning

A yaardy is a creature who is unique to Southern Ireland. He claims to be the defender of men; and is very violent. Yaardys are usually heavy drinkers, with the first Yardy said to be a chronic alcoholic.Most Yaardys live to be over five thousand years old and generally they are heterosexual, like overweight, ginger wowen. Honour is also very important to a Yaardy and if he percieves you to have no honour he will charge and "x factor" you, aiming to kill you. One thing which especially annoys a Yaardy is to kick him in conflict.Warning: Once kicked a Yaardy will become enraged.

yaari meaning

Yaari is a Punjabi Word . the mean of yaari word is FRIENDSHIP

Yaarrk meaning

A noise resembling a howling dog.

yaaseen meaning

Yaaseen is a sexy,black model that everyone's wants to be. He has a sexy jawline and fleeky eyebrows. He's a stormzy look alike and has a six pack. He's fit asf!!!!!😍😍😍😍

YA-asia meaning

A Black Barbie who unfortunately was given a ghetto name at birth.