Yachting meaning and definition

Yachting meaning

when a dog drags it's arse hole along the carpet with its front paws to ease the discomfort of an itchy ring

Yachting meaning

The act of motorboating a classy chick.

Yachting meaning

verb: motorboating with fake boobs, as they are more expensive

Yachting meaning

Similar to "sik" or "raaa"

Yachting meaning

The act of motorboating an excessively obese woman.

Yachting meaning

When an extraordinarily large blunt or paper starts to burn unevenly

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yachtism meaning

A pervasive developmental disorder of the financially well-to-do that inspires them to purchase a yacht (any long boat powered by a sail and a douche bag), a membership in a country club, any Ivy League or otherwise private education and the apparent permanent blockage of the anus with any member of the phylum Arthropoda.

Yachtitis meaning

Word to describe lying to your boss, family or teacher for skipping a required meeting. Showing up to work, family event or to class. Just to go out on your boat

yacht nigger meaning

A fancy nig who wears US Polo Assn. polos with a sweater and khakis and boat shoes but instead of wine and hors d'oeuvres they consume 40 ouncers and ribs and smoke a crack pipe instead of a rich man's pipe

Yacht Pal meaning

A Yacht Pal or Yachtpal is what sailors call their boat buddies. Plural: Yachtpals

yacht party meaning

a buncha niggas on a boat drinking alchy.