Yack power meaning and definition

Yack power meaning

A political slogan used by the New Jersey animal farmers during their 2014 campaign for office. The slogan is a spin-off of the 1960s "black power" movement. The term Yack power received a negative connotation after several voters were severely injured by the animal farmers shouting their slogan at a rally in 2014.

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yack show meaning

One who is so drunk they cannot stop throwing up for an entire night. They are the entertainment for the other party goers and generally don't remember the night's events. They usually also throw up in a location other than the toilet, such as a bed, a car, on themselves, or on someone else.

Yackson Pollock meaning

Either someone who's epic-ly puked all over the place or the puddle of puke itself (just like how "Starry Night" can be called 'a Van Gogh'). After 'Yack'- to vomit. What separates Yackson Pollock from an ordinary hurler is the amount of puke they hurl, the mess they manage to make and the multitude of colours they manage to yack up and splatter all over each other.

Yackspin meaning

Having a extreme amount of spin in sports such as golf, tennis, softball and many other sports.

yack star meaning

A person who throws up after getting wrecked, usually at a party or on a party bus

Yacktastic meaning

When you are really coked out you are yacktastic a really fantastic feeling

Yacktd meaning

Getting ripped at the gym

Yack Town meaning

To make a game-changing play, or series of plays.

yackulic meaning

The best thing out of Slovakia since the Czech Republic. The miracle family.

yackum meaning

Alternate saying for "count it bitch"

yackunya meaning

playful way of calling somebody a cunt!! it sounds funny and cute when said with a squeeky voice, its catchy and contagious, and before you know it... everybody will calling you a cunt!!!