Yackal meaning and definition

Yackal meaning

A Yackal occurs when your pet dog eats choclate and throws it up on you while you are having sex.

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yackaling meaning

talking seriously about imaginary and fiction topics.

yack and babble meaning

The inane and sensless chatter of any two sports announcers during televised sporting events in an effort to avoid dead air.

Yack and come back meaning

The skilled art of imbibing additional copious amounts of alcohol after vomiting alcohol consumed earlier. This exercise is frequently performed by a subject when trying to emphasize his ability to consume large quantities of alcohol over a lesser skilled, inferior opponent who is irrationally verbally confident of his drinking ability.. Often, this action is performed without the knowledge of the inferior opponent or onlookers as this may diminish the initial celebratory festivities that follow the defeat of the opponent.

yackaoozy meaning

After a long night of drinking you go back with a girl and yack before you oozy all over her face (or butt or w.e floats your boat)

yackasaurus rex meaning

Someone, typically a female, who takes 10 minutes to give you a simple answer. A chick you meet at the bar and find out her whole life story before your beer comes. A derogatory name to call someone when they are rambling on about nonsense.