Yacked meaning and definition

Yacked meaning

to vomit after drinking heavily

Yacked meaning

Very well-muscled as a result of weight training.

Yacked meaning

When vaulting if your upper arm gets yanked back at take off, you are being yacked.

Yacked meaning

To be squided in front of an audience.

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yacked out meaning

having done lots of cocaine, to the point where you talk, or "yak" incessantly, often resulting in controversy, dual-sided stories, and abortions.

yacked up meaning

To be under the influence of cocaine.

yackel bomb meaning

Vodka, Rum, Gin, Whiskey, and a Little Love. Dropped into a glass of mike's hard lemonade.

Yacker meaning

The official (often forgotten name) of the Green Bay's pro Football team. They often talk shit about others team because they are mad that no more player with talent would ever want to play there after NFL great Brett Favre was forced out. They often, from reports, moon away teams with great cheer until a very bold and outspoken player (ex. Randy Moss) decides to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Yackerbate meaning

To talk to oneself.