y0n meaning and definition

y0n meaning

Any word used when you don't feel like saying a typical word of the english language. Can be used in place of "what's up", "yo", or any question or statement you have to respond to.pronounced: yawn

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y0p meaning

1.an alternative to y0,more underground 2.sometimes used instead of yep

y0rt meaning

Can be used as a greeting, but more often as a expression of exitment.

y0t00b meaning

Stupid way to say: Youtube.

y100 meaning

the greatest radio station ever that was taken off the air & needs your help to bring it back.

y1k meaning

A joke used on Alabama, during "Weekend Update with Colin Quinn", a segment on Saturday Night Live on 11/13/99.

y2gay meaning

The database problem that comes from allowing gay marriage. Much like the y2k bug, where people didn't allow for it, the y2gay bug is problematic because people did not plan on two men or women being spouses.

Y2J meaning

Chris Jericho.

Y2k meaning

It was when the Spam company and the people that sold generators got a big pile of revenue.

Y2K10 meaning

Year 2010Y=Year 2=2times k=kilo which is 1000 10=10 (i copied the y2k part from somewhere else but the 10 is mine)Year 2*1000 and 10 which makes 2010

Y2K12 meaning

like Y2K Y2K12 Refers to the end of the world Y=Year 2K12=2012 The world shall end in 2012