y2k kids meaning and definition

y2k kids meaning

A child who claims to be a 90s kid but secretly hates his mom for popping him out a few seconds too late. Usually is an asshole.

y2k kids meaning

Y2K kidsIs from the year 1999-2000 as a classification of kids. Mostly the year that kids grew up with Sponge Bob or Pokemon Manga. Y2K kids are a year genre, for example 90's kids or 80's kids, the Y2K kids grew up when technology was getting really advanced and cartoons were still good but, completely got ruined in the year 2005.

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Y2M meaning

A particularly shiny being that (most likely) excretes his own grease at an alarmingly quick rate. May or may not also be drenched in an overwhelming amount of bodyspray.

Y2SK meaning

A helpful online abbreviation of "You 2 Should Kiss"

Y2Stang meaning

2000 Ford Mustang; usually a Mustang GT, but can be considered towards the lower end V6 models; Cobras are in their own league

y33 h4w meaning

The elite, leet, or 1337 form of the usually southern or redneck interjection yee haw.

Y370 meaning

He is the one bulgarian ragga-junglist. Part of the REMURDER crew. Began making some music in 1999 using Acid. He hated mp3's. Anyway... HE ROCKS ! ! !