y4 meaning and definition

y4 meaning

An edgy way to say Yea

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y4lk meaning

a man who uses 4 fingers during personal anal pleasure

y4yz0r meaning

happy, glad, joyful, rejoice, yeah, pretty much that.

Y5 meaning

The short name for wifi or wireless fidelity. The Y sounds like wi and the 5 sounds like fi.

y81 meaning

to screw somebody 81 times in a week

ya meaning

1) Yes. An affirmative response. 2) You. The second person singular pronoun.

©ya meaning

See you.

ya0 meaning

Slang term used for "cocaine"

Yaa meaning

Abbreviation for Yet Another Account Syndrome; when some crappy little website requires you to make an account to do anything instead of implementing OpenAuth.

yaaaaa meaning

another thing to yell as you come from outta nowhere. Similar to outta nowhere!!!

Yaaaaaaaa meaning

An annoying way to accept something or say yes.