yaaasss meaning and definition

yaaasss meaning

Commonly used thot language deprived from the English word "Yes" for hood rats who have a difficult time pronouncing it. Expressing excitement, especially when participating in thot activities with fellow thots such as sipping on "Bud Lite Strawberita" AKA thot juice.

yaaasss meaning

Yaaasss is the type of gurl who goes out and gets what she wants. Typically someone who is probabaly super gay and loves shoes

yaaasss meaning

The word #timmyfelldownthewell says.

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yaaay meaning

A word used to describe elation and happiness.

YAAB meaning

pronounced "yawb"Year And A Bita unit of time measuring one year and a maximum of 11 months.

Yaack meaning

A nick name for any sexy top notch pussy destroyer that loves poon and kush

YAAD meaning

The hebrew word for purpose, goal, objective, aim; destination, destiny. Yaad is a tall, dark, and handsome man full of love. Yaad is every girl's dream.

yaada meaning

He sucks Jonahs dick and plays MINECRAFT

Yaadata meaning

1. One who is under the assumption that his "man-hood" is bigger than it really is.2. One who has sensitive nipples.3. One who is addicted to love, yet his only friend is his right hand.4. One who has a large forehead.

yaadi meaning

a brotherly term meaning someone from your original yard,hometown or country.

YAAF meaning

You Are A Freak.

yaafat meaning

"you are a fail at texting" a person or persons who misuse or create their own texting lingo

YAAFF meaning

You Are A Fucking Faggot(Self explanatory)