Yaagendeep meaning and definition

Yaagendeep meaning

An informal term of affirmation derived from the pronounciation of the German word "ja" and the common suffix of Asian forenames "deep", not to be used in the presence of racially sensitive individuals.

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yaah meaning

Stands for Your An AssHole.

yaah baby meaning

fetty wap's version of the notorious greeting "hello"

yaah brah meaning

yo bro, said in a stupid way

Yaa Hoos meaning

A nice and sweet way of referring to a woman's 2 best friends.

YAAI meaning

It means you are a idiot/you are an idiot.

ya air meaning

Arabic Swear Word Usually meaning along the lines of "YOU DICK"

Yaa Jokaa meaning

Phrase used to exclaim to situation in which a person is stating something one wouldn't say or have done if he or she was in a similar position

YAAK meaning

Motto for Young Awkward Asian Kids; used to describe young adults of the Asian race who are socially inept. Basically all teenagers.

Yaakaa meaning

Expressing large amounts of joy in a single word.

Yääknärr meaning

A boner so hard it puts stretch marks on your ass cheeks.