yaayee meaning and definition

yaayee meaning

It is a word used for expressing excitement. Not like yay, more like 'eehaw'. It is basically a sound someone makes when they are excited.

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Yaaziel meaning

A guy who is desperate and can't pull any bitches and he talks a lot of shit and is a little pussy when someone wants to fight him and whenever someone calls him out he's scared for his life and he wears small condoms.

Yab meaning

yab- means to spit a little game at a female. its pronounced like jab but with a y

Yaba meaning

Yaba is an Acronym and means yet another bloody acronym. It was uses in UseNet and IRC before a drug was named Yaba. Today only very few people remember the original meaning.

yabaa yaboo meaning

in question form it means HOW ARE YOU? in statement form it means VERY HAPPY or UPSET.

yabab meaning

you arebeing a bitch