Yaba meaning and definition

Yaba meaning

Yaba is a derivative of synthetic amphetamines such as speed and can be manufactured far more quickly and easily than traditional forms of amphetamine. Yaba is a recent phenomenon in the United States, although it has been popular in Southeast and East Asia for some time. Methamphetamine tablets are sent primarily by mail to northern California and the Los Angeles area, and although the demand for Yaba appears to be primarily in Asian communities, popularity is increasing among rave attendees. Slang Terms: “crazy medicine,” Hitler's drug, Ice It can be orally consumed and are sometimes candy flavored (grape, orange, and vanilla). “Chasing the Dragon” is another method of use. Users place tablet on aluminum foil and heat from underneath, as the tablet melts vapors rise and are inhaled. Yaba can also be snorted and injected.

Yaba meaning

you bastard

Yaba meaning

It could be anything! Like "shut ur mouth u yabaface" Or u could just say it when ur bored

Yaba meaning

Yaba is an Acronym and means yet another bloody acronym. It was uses in UseNet and IRC before a drug was named Yaba. Today only very few people remember the original meaning.

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yabaa yaboo meaning

in question form it means HOW ARE YOU? in statement form it means VERY HAPPY or UPSET.

yabab meaning

you arebeing a bitch

Ya Baby On Cabbage meaning

The ultimate comeback for "ya dad on bacon scruts"

Yabadabado meaning

a very shallow and padantic term used to describe the sexual intercourse between one, male human, and one, female great dane, making the world go round.most commonnly used by the leprecorns of askania, whilst they participate in their 'great dane bangathon' festival held on the, 11/09 of every year. this ritual began on september the 11th, 2001. no signifcance to any disasters that happend on that day.

yabadabadoo meaning

The sound that i make when i see yo mama. and when i close the zipper after taking a piss and it zips my tallywhacker.

yaba daba doo feet meaning

My husband has Yabba Dabba Doo feet (otherwise known as Fred Flintstone feet) -- see photo submission here. They are troll-like and hairy, and very, very scary.

yabadabalicious meaning

To be extremly pimptastic or super fly. To show great enthusiasm towards someone or something.

Yabadabi meaning

1. An uncultured American confusion of the word "Bindi", referring to the mark on the forehead of Hindu women. 2. A slang term for anyone of Indian descent.

Yabadoochia meaning

What children sims say when they leave for school, AKA "bye!"

yabadself meaning

Slang for yourself. It means your bad self.