yabab meaning and definition

yabab meaning

you arebeing a bitch

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Ya Baby On Cabbage meaning

The ultimate comeback for "ya dad on bacon scruts"

Yabadabado meaning

a very shallow and padantic term used to describe the sexual intercourse between one, male human, and one, female great dane, making the world go round.most commonnly used by the leprecorns of askania, whilst they participate in their 'great dane bangathon' festival held on the, 11/09 of every year. this ritual began on september the 11th, 2001. no signifcance to any disasters that happend on that day.

yabadabadoo meaning

The sound that i make when i see yo mama. and when i close the zipper after taking a piss and it zips my tallywhacker.

yaba daba doo feet meaning

My husband has Yabba Dabba Doo feet (otherwise known as Fred Flintstone feet) -- see photo submission here. They are troll-like and hairy, and very, very scary.

yabadabalicious meaning

To be extremly pimptastic or super fly. To show great enthusiasm towards someone or something.

Yabadabi meaning

1. An uncultured American confusion of the word "Bindi", referring to the mark on the forehead of Hindu women. 2. A slang term for anyone of Indian descent.

Yabadoochia meaning

What children sims say when they leave for school, AKA "bye!"

yabadself meaning

Slang for yourself. It means your bad self.

Yabaflikanaba meaning

1) Mainly used in place of swears or curses like 'oh shit', 'fuck', 'damn it', ect. 2) Could also be used as an insult. Use your imagination.

Yabage meaning

A type of New Yorker way of saying "garbage".