yabagroove meaning and definition

yabagroove meaning

to fuck someone your butt is grooving "ya ba groovin"

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yabahos meaning

Female breasts; a term generally used to describe a prodigious and pleasingly-shaped bosom. See also ta-tas.

yabai meaning

Means 'risky' in conventional Japanese usage, but has come to mean 'awesome' in popular usage

yabal meaning

y - you'll a - always b - be a - a l - loser

yaBALD meaning

Something someone says to someone when they're going on and on about a argument or when someone starts to rage in a game, and goes on for minutes. You being the mature person responds proudly with yaBALD, and says nothing else.

yaba-lob-a-ding-dong meaning

noun: to describe an event where a drug user, high on methamphetimine (aka "yaba") is in a paranoid/psychotic state, rips off either his own or somebody else's genitals and throws them.