Yachats meaning and definition

Yachats meaning

A magical town filled with stoners, homosexuals, mushrooms festivals and Steve Erwins vacation home.

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Yachemi meaning

Female demon summoned by Robert King in Orlando, FL. She is under his command and will devour anyone in her path.

Yachera meaning

A totally Awesome BAMF

Yachia meaning

Pronounced as Yay-shaLusciousA female name - usually someone Chinese.One or two Americans might actually have this name.Is a curse word in an unknown language

yachna meaning

someone who is non-social yet amazing and likes to eat ice cream, watch a lot of tv shows and practically live their life in a sweater.

yachneh meaning

Yiddish word for an annoying nag of a woman.

yachoed meaning

To get interrupted by a parent while playing an (online) video game, usually when in a voice call with others.

yachsta meaning

when a female transfestite shoves her penis up a male transfestites vagina. There is also 2 men giving anal 2 the 2 transfestites.

Yacht meaning

(n.) a hole in the ocean into which one pours money

Yachtacious meaning

Extravagant in a way that impresses the super rich jet-set yacht going crowd.

Yacht Bounce meaning

Yacht BounceA subgenre of New Orleans Bounce music created in mid 2011 by a New Orleans DJ Yacht Bounce mixes elements (Triggaman, Brownbeat, etc) of traditional (if there is such a thing) Bounce with 70's & 80's Yacht Rock songs & artists. Tony Skratchere was inspired by the Yacht Rock Youtube videos.