yacht club suit meaning and definition

yacht club suit meaning

Wearing a navy blazer with khaki pants

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yachted meaning

Something that is very large in size and or quantity

yachter meaning

One that often wears washed, authentic, original, sperry top-siders, blue and white stripped lacoste polos, and beige chino shorts with a blue and white stripped belt.

yachter daughter meaning

The young, beautiful daughter(s) of a rich old man (the yachter) who spend their summers tanning on a raft tied behind their father's luxury boat (the yacht), or on the bow of said boat, and who enjoy being gazed upon by young, good-looking lifeguards on the shore.

yacht face meaning

a term used to describe people with large noses.

yacht harbor meaning

A term favored by boating novices instead of the more widely-known designation of marina.