Yack and come back meaning and definition

Yack and come back meaning

The skilled art of imbibing additional copious amounts of alcohol after vomiting alcohol consumed earlier. This exercise is frequently performed by a subject when trying to emphasize his ability to consume large quantities of alcohol over a lesser skilled, inferior opponent who is irrationally verbally confident of his drinking ability.. Often, this action is performed without the knowledge of the inferior opponent or onlookers as this may diminish the initial celebratory festivities that follow the defeat of the opponent.

Yack and come back meaning

the act of puking your brains out after drinking heavily, then come back and start drinking all over again with a empty stomach.

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yackaoozy meaning

After a long night of drinking you go back with a girl and yack before you oozy all over her face (or butt or w.e floats your boat)

yackasaurus rex meaning

Someone, typically a female, who takes 10 minutes to give you a simple answer. A chick you meet at the bar and find out her whole life story before your beer comes. A derogatory name to call someone when they are rambling on about nonsense.

Yackashay meaning

To throw up; barf from either bad food or massive amounts of drinking.

yackass meaning

A person who talks alot and acts annoying at the same time, in other words, a dickhead.


The act of being yacked by the Juice.....Yackation!!!!


When you get yacked by the Juice, and you don't know that you are being yacked, so you just go on as if nothing is going on....... Yackation Without Representation!!!!!!!

yackatollah meaning

An investment guru, an avid fan of Albanian folk rock.

yackawayan meaning

a member of the Yackawayan Club. only those appointed by the Yackawayan King can join. each new member receives a special job title essential to the survival of the clan. if can find the King, you are probably already a member of this club.

Yackawayan Club meaning

the exclusive club ruled by the Yackawayan King, where each member is assigned a job title essential to the clan.

yackayra meaning

A bad bitch that SLAYS. One of the best people you'll ever meet in your life. She funny, pretty asf, has a smile out of this world. If you ever run into a "Yackayra" you won't regret it!! Get you a Yackayra. It's only for the best.