yack meaning and definition

yack meaning

to throw up, usually after drinking

yack meaning

Abbreviation of Cognac - i.e. expensive Brandy. Alcoholic beverage

yack meaning

cocaine, blow, powder, snow, gack

yack meaning

verb. Meaning to throw up or vomit.

yack meaning

in referance the Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz song "Da Blow" where the hook states "the blow, the pills, the yack, the herb". The term "yack" is actually referring to cognac (pronounced: "cone-yack"). So in essence the song is referring to the blow (cocaine), the pills (ecstacy and/or pharmacutical), the yack (cognac), the herb (marijuana). Which covers all the most common methods of getting fucked up. In less urban environments, the term is more commonly used to describe the act of vomiting. noun: yack means congac verb: yack means to vomit

yack meaning

A word used exclusevly in the Edinburgh area (Scotland) meaning eyes.

yack meaning

to talk continuously, especially informally

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yacka meaning

An angular chop and quick snap back of the wrist to the neck or base of the neck. A true yacka should be angled between 37 to 53 degrees into the target. The person delivering the blow shall say yacka during the strike.

yackademic meaning

anything affiliated with academia that makes you want to hurl

yackadoo meaning

"Yackadoo" is the term Ms. Daniels from IS 204 used to describe her students who wouldnt shutup; her students are "yackadoos".

Yackal meaning

A Yackal occurs when your pet dog eats choclate and throws it up on you while you are having sex.

yackaling meaning

talking seriously about imaginary and fiction topics.