yackayra meaning and definition

yackayra meaning

A bad bitch that SLAYS. One of the best people you'll ever meet in your life. She funny, pretty asf, has a smile out of this world. If you ever run into a "Yackayra" you won't regret it!! Get you a Yackayra. It's only for the best.

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yackbackin meaning

Yackbackin to geek or be overly excited.

Yack City meaning

Someone who is yacking their brains out may be visiting Yack City.

Yackdong meaning

A girl who yacks(puewks)on your dong

Yacked meaning

To be squided in front of an audience.

yacked out meaning

having done lots of cocaine, to the point where you talk, or "yak" incessantly, often resulting in controversy, dual-sided stories, and abortions.