yackulic meaning and definition

yackulic meaning

The best thing out of Slovakia since the Czech Republic. The miracle family.

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yackum meaning

Alternate saying for "count it bitch"

yackunya meaning

playful way of calling somebody a cunt!! it sounds funny and cute when said with a squeeky voice, its catchy and contagious, and before you know it... everybody will calling you a cunt!!!

Yack Wood meaning

This is when your girlfriend, wife or someone elses wife deep throats your cock and you hold her head all the way down until she starts gagging and yacking on your wood!Hense this is known as "Yack Wood"

Yacky meaning

the creamy white stuff which spits on a girls face when she is up close and personal.

Yack Yack meaning

If you throw up Jack Daniels in a Spanish speaking country. In English you would Yack Jack, however Spanish people pronounce words starting with J as Y, hens Yack Yack.